Together we can stop it.


The Kendall Gateway Study has produced a "Recommended Concept" that calls for a massive 300' wide right-of-way the size of I-10 that encircles all of Boerne. It cuts through nearly 1000 acres of private land, impacting the properties of over 500 residents and forever altering the face of Boerne. This massive right-of-way could hold up to 25 lanes of traffic!

Boerne DOES have a traffic problem. But this heavy-handed and excessive loop is NOT the solution. Rather than solving our local traffic problems, the Kendall Gateway proposal appears to be geared more towards moving truck traffic from 1604 to 46 as part of a larger regional plan to alleviate San Antonio traffic:

  • "Members identified the following opportunities: A truck bypass connecting I-10 on both sides of San Antonio, possibly via SH 46. One member noted that this could be a truck-only corridor."Source

  • "Suggestions for improvements in the Alamo area included the following: A truck relief route, possibly following SH 46, connecting I-10 east and west of San Antonio"Source

  • A top priority is:"Rerouting truck traffic or finding another solution to keep freight traffic separate from local traffic on freeways" - Source

The proposed loop threatens our cultural and natural heritage and would violate the private property rights of numerous citizens of Kendall County.

Sign the petition and join with the people of Kendall County in opposing this misguided plan.

Learn more in the video below.