Let's Make Boerne More Livable!

Boerne has an opportunity to create one of the most award-winning, livable cities in the world.   That is, if we take action now to ensure the creation of a truly world-class city!

Walkable & Bikeable

A livable city provides the ability to commute to city-wide and regional destinations by bicycle or walking.  As cities grow, walkability and bikeability becomes increasingly desirable, ensuring a higher quality of life for commuters and

safer passage for children.

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Mixed Land Use

Building homes, offices, schools, parks, shops, 

restaurants, and other types of development near one another can improve the walkability of a community and enhance quality of life.


Multi-Use Development can facilitate this, provided that the development is appropriately placed, well integrated into existing neighborhoods, and the community and stakeholders collaborate on what

to integrate into the development.

Incorporate Nature

Frequent parks, parkways, vegetation and tree-lined streets are more appealing and reduce the ambient temperature, pollution and noise of an urban area.  

These are also complimentary with 

Low Impact Development.

Urban agriculture enhances quality of life, providing super-fresh produce to local restaurants & residents.  Boerne can adopt agriculture zoning and create permitting processes to enable urban agriculture.

Distinct & Attractive

A livable city embraces its local heritage and character, resulting in a vibrant community.  

Boerne is unique and interesting, drawing visitors and residents to its stores and neighborhoods. 

Thoughtful ordinances that embrace our natural, historic and cultural heritage can ensure projects and neighborhoods that reflect the character of our town.  

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Take Action to Encourage a More Livable Boerne

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